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Commitment to quality and taste. Sana Food Products today is a distinguished name in the Indian ready-made snack food industry. Adaptation of the newest technology has made us reach to the hearts of millions of our consumers all over the world.

It was the realisation of its importance that inspired us to establish a state of the art plant equipped with the latest machineries from sorting to grinding, mixing, frying and packing. Prepared from the choicest quality ingredients; each Sana Food product is a representative of consistency in taste and quality. Packed in the attractive metalised pouches Sana Food Products ensure a higher shelf life and prolonged freshness.

Manufactured using the most advance machines, and under the most hygienic conditions, the parameters of quality for Sana Food Products begin with the usage of the Choicest ingredients including high quality edible oil, obtained from the most reliable sources. Starting from the picking, the sorting, cleaning and grinding processes of various pulses and spices are carried out in-house so as to follow the strictest measures of quality control.

Sana Food Products are packed using nitrogen in the attractive metalised three layers pruches to maintain the best of freshness and taste and a longer shelf life. Moving in tune with international packaging standards, each pack consists bar code and to give an insight.

Our success story as a brand lies in the fact that we have never compromised on quality standards. Our motto is to base our product range on dynamic quality, with constant up -gradation of standards, in keeping with the latest advancement in technology and hygiene.

All the raw materials are sourced from an approved list of suppliers, who have complied with our rigorous standards. Our inputs and products undergo stringent quality control tests and hygiene procedures.


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