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SANA FOOD PRODUCTS, a partnership firm, has been established in Rishikesh since 2010, by 3 partners. All the partners of the firm belong to the "Chotiwala" Group which was established in 1958 by Lt. Sh. Kishan Swaroop Garg ji with a vision to serve the pilgrims with a homely food in Rishikesh on the banks of river Ganga and formed Chotiwala Bhojnalay.

Now the fourth generation of the group wanted to foray into the manufacturing, processing and packaging of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Snacks and Namkeens with the same dedication which the founder had thought of before laying the foundation of the group. The vision behind forming a manufacturing unit is to reach to the consumers who cannot come to Rishikesh by supplying various packaged snacks, and namkeens. In later years, group has also plans for Ready-to-Eat packaged food which would be available across India and gradually across the globe.

Today our brand name "Chotiwala" has gained household popularity in India and overseas markets as the synonym of food in particular.

Sana Food Products specializes in manufacturing and distribution of a variety of traditional Namkeens as well as extruded Snacks that are convenient and modern Ready-to-Eat snack food products.

Sana Food Products stringent quality control is the key ingredients of our products. Our quality control starts from the selection of raw materials to manufacturing of the finished products; only the finest quality of ingredients is used.

These stringent quality standards have resulted in Sana Food Products been awarded the PHD Chamber of Commerce Membership, HACCP Certification, ISO 22000:2005 Certification and FSSAI Certification.

Apart from supplying to our Indian Market "Sana Food Products" have recently started exporting to other neighboring countries.


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